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If you’re not using a financial adviser, this checklist highlights some of the common mistakes you might make and opportunities you may miss when you ‘go it alone’.

This financial planning checklist allows you to quickly check whether your existing investment strategy is covering the basics. You could also use the checklist to compare financial advisers and make sure you’re getting suitable advice.

Much has been said about the importance of financial planning, but how exactly does one do it properly? As with any other multi-step process, we have prepared a checklist in order for you to stay on track and ensure that you won’t miss anything. After all, if it’s your financial future at stake, any mistake, even the most seemingly insignificant one, can incur a cost too high for you to pay.

Take your current financial situation into consideration as you plan your future expenditures and savings, and come up with the right plan for any contingency. Should you require additional assistance, our highly trained and experienced advisers are at your disposal.

With this free financial planning checklist, we hope to get you thinking seriously about your future — to look beyond where you are at the moment and see the bigger picture. Protect your assets and your loved ones for the foreseeable future and beyond. Take initiative in securing not just the business you’ve worked so hard to build, but also your and your family’s financial future.

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