Life insurance facts and the absolute essentials you need to know.

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Are you afraid of what the future holds? Plan for yourself and your family with these life insurance facts.

Engulfed in uncertainty, the future is comprised of the unknown and the unpredictable. All of a sudden, your life or the lives of your loved ones may change, and not always for the better. In such situations, it is best to have prepared early on.

This guide on will help you answer these questions and more about life insurance facts:

  • Do non-income earners need to be insured?
  • Inside or Outside super?
  • Does insurance need change on an annual basis?

Since you cannot predict exactly what will happen to you — or who will take care of the most important people and things in your life when you pass on — it is imperative for you to have a contingency plan in case the worst happens.

For everything you need to know about life insurance facts and so much more, you can refer to this free guide.

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